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Shavane DAD 2011 Reserve Champion Foal Stacey Lynne photo

Shavane 7
Oldenburg Stallion  
sire   Shakespeare RSF      
dam   EM Rheporter Royal Prince/Weltmeyer
Color: Dark Brown   Date of Birth:   June 11 2011

16.2 1/2

Suitability: Dressage
Video: Yes    Markings:  no white 
Breeder: Owner:
Stallion Breeding Info
Stud Fee:    private treaty    Shipped Semen:       
        EVA Testing:    negative, vaccinated yearly   
Breeding Approvals:    German Oldenburg Verband (GOV). Eligible for Oldenburg ISR, RPSI, Dutch Erkand, SBS, Holsteiner upon inspection           

Fully licensed and performance tested stallion with a performance pedigree! He was named Premium, Foal of Distinction, and named Co-Champion colt at our large GOV inspection

I love this colt. He takes the best from both parents, and they are both excellent in their conformation and movement. I won't geld him right away....

Foaling report: The last foal of the year! This colt was born during a thunderstorm, at about 4:30 a.m. It's a good thing I was there, since Lois was pushing him UP the wall, instead of down towards her hind feet. He is as beautiful as Shtrangelove was last year. Jim and I are glad foaling season is over. We had 17 colts, losing two right at birth, and 15 fillies, losing a very good one (Shirlene's) in a freak pasture incident. We are still committed to the breeding of the mares. As a matter of fact, when this colt was born we had been in the barn just a few hours earlier doing a frozen semen breeding at midnight. It is not just the foalings that take away from our sleep in the spring!

Inspection and Show Results

Shavane was licensed by the German Oldenburg Verband in 2014 with very high scores (8 breed and sex type, impulsion and elasticity in the trot, general impression and development, canter and saddle position). He then went to the 2015 70 day stallion test in Oklahoma. He would have placed third overall (117.64), 2nd in dressage (127.05) and 5th in jumping (104.19), had he not been severely injured (read- hairline fracture of the LF cannon bone) just a few days before the stadium jumping final days. His scores up to that time included 9.5 temperament, trainability, and rideability, 9.0 character, trot, and gallop cross country, 8.5 canter, walk, and free jumping. He has since recovered completely and has gone on to a very successful show career. He was named the 2016 Region 8 GAIG/USDF Stallion Champion and was also the Reserve Champion Mature Horse at Saugerties. He was placed third in the Region 8 Training level Championships with a 69.659%- this was his second horse show under saddle ever! He then went to Dressage at Devon the following week where he was the Reserve Champion Stallion and where he won the Stallion Materiale. He was 2016 USDF Horse of the Year Third Place for Stallions 2nd in the GOV All Breeds Award.

2015- July 5- Dressage at the Park NJ:
1st place 4 YO and older stallions (81.75%), Stallion Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Grand Champion, 1st place Materiale (82.6%), 1st place GOV IBC (82.7%).
7-30-15 Maplewood Warmbloods I:
2nd stallions (81.9%), Reserve Stallion Champion, Reserve Champion Mature Horse,, 1st place Materiale stallion and geldings (79.4%).
Maplewood Warmbloods II 7-31-15:
1st stallions (81.3%), Stallion Champion, Mature Horse Champion, Grand Champion, 1st Materiale (79.2%)
At his very first dressage show at Red Tail Farm I in NJ 8-16-16:
1st Training 2 (71.346%)
1st training 3 (72.045%)
Training level Champion
Red Tail Farm II 8-17-16:
1st Training 2 (72.115%)
1st Training 3(76.136%)
Training Level Champion, Show High Score

Dressage at Stone Tavern II NJ 9-4-16:
1st stallion (79.75%)
Stallion Champion, Reserve Champion Mature Horse
1st Materiale (77.9%)

NEDA Fall Championship 9/22-25/16
1st Stallion (77.475%), Stallion Champion, Reserve Champion Mature Horse, GAIG/USDF Stallion and gelding Champion (77.575%)
1st Materiale (75.2%)
2nd Training 3 (71.364%)
3rd GAIG/USDF Training Championship (69.659%)
Dressage at Devon 2016:
2nd Stallions (76.2%), Reserve Champion Stallion, 1st 5 year old Stallion and gelding Materiale (75.9%)
As a foal at Dressage at Devon, 2011, Shavane was placed second in the Colts of 2011 class with a 76.2% and then in the Foal Championship, he was named Reserve Champion! His dam, EM Rheporter was named Mature Horse Champion and Grand Champion at that same Dressage at Devon show!

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