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In addition to the horses listed here, Rolling Stone Farm has an extensive network of contacts, both in the US and Germany, to assist you in your search for the perfect equine partner. Please contact us for additional information.

Our regular visitors will notice that the Sales List has undergone some recent improvements which will permit us to add updates easily and keep you informed on the very latest information on our horses. With the number of foals arriving this year, this was a a necessity! Click on the photo or the "Read More" link to go to each horse's individual page. Enjoy!


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2014 EM Alectra foal  
2014 Oldenburg (In-utero)  
 Sir James      
 EM Alectra Armin/Akzent II
SOLD! Congrats to Martha Mitchell of VA!
2011 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Anike Archipel/Askan
SOLD! Congratulations to Ellen Kvinta Palmisano of Redding, CT on owning this unborn Gold Luck foal!
Ahrtist "Artie"  
2005 Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Agincourt      
dam   Glimmer (Grundstein)
Glimmer had a dark brown colt last night that will definitely be grey. He already has white hairs around his eyes and on his muzzle. He is very beautiful, with really long correct legs. He has a wide blaze and three whites. We have named him Ahrtist. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Phoebe DeMott of Gilbertsville, PA!
2014 Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Ampere      
dam   EM Whispre Weltmeyer/Brentano II
This colt is spectacular and one of the best foals of the year. The last Ampere riding horse gelding I sold was equally as impressive. He received a Premium Foal Award after the judges reviewed a DVD I sent to them, ending our bewilderment at his not receiving a premium at the inspection. The video was incomplete of the inspection go, so here he is in the indoor ring the following week:

Here he is outside so you can see how he sparkles*****
SOLD! Congratulations to Chris Preston! Ahvant Garde will be raised as a stallion prospect.
2010 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Ampere      
dam   Elite Stute Fhlora Fuerst Heinrich/Velton Third
The movement he had as a foal is still there now that he is under saddle. He is really growing up to be as nice as I thought he would be. 
All Star  
1999 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Armin      
dam   Basilica (Bruderherz/Akzent II)
16.1 hand coming 7 year old chestnut gelding. He is by Armin, sire of two of my favorite mares here at RSF- Elite Mare Alectra and Alure. He is out of a Bruderherz/Akzent II mother. This is the steady Eddie of the group. He is well broke with good gaits and super rideability and clean hunter flying changs- an amateur's dream!  
SOLD! Congratulations to Florence Wetzel of West Chester, PA. She is an adult amateur dressage rider who loves him already. Good luck in the show ring!
Alure "Ally"  
1991 Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Armin      
dam   Eden (Eisenherz)
Alure was the top HN mare at the PA inspection in 1994. She received a score of 7.0, making her Elite Eligible. She was wonderful to ride. She has never been performance tested. Instead, she has been a steady producer of top foals, and is one of my favorite mares to cross with Gold Luck.  
SOLD! Congratulations to Ellen Kvinta Palmisano of Redding, CT!
1992 Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Archipel      
dam   Assi (Askan/Wettstreit/Almhuegel III)
Anike's sire is Archipel, a son of Argentan, who passed the stallion Performance test at Adelheidsdorf in 1988, finishing 5th of 38, achieving equally good results for rideability and for jumping ability. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Ellen Kvinta Palmisano of Redding, CT!
Aye Spy "Spike"  
2001 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Armin      
dam    by Akzent II
16.1 1/2 hand liver chestnut gelding, coming 5 years old. He is by Armin out of an Akzent II mare and is the full brother to one of my favorite mares, Elite Mare Alectra. What a cute look he has and he has a personality of a dog. He wants to be your friend. He is a really good mover.  
SOLD! Congrats to 11-year-old Madison Strony of Fairview, PA on her purchase of Spike. They look like they will make a great team in the hunter ring!
Hanoverian Mare  
sire   Bruderherz      
dam   Liege (Lemon xx/Abhang III/Amselkoenig)
Beatrix' dam sire, Lemon, is a well known Thoroughbred refining sire. In 1995, Beatrix was fifth out of 42 entries in the Fillies of 1995 class at Dressage at Devon. She is main stud book and is being leased from Performance Breeders. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Michelle Coursin of NC and congratulations to Jeannie Poindexter for the sale! We can't wait to see photos of the 2009 foal by Shakespeare.
2005 Hanoverian Colt  
sire   Belissimo M      
dam   SPS Rotissima (Rotspon-PS Little Lady/Lauries Crusader xx)
Iris Jonetat, my friend in Germany tells me that after a week long foal watch, Rotissima had a chestnut colt with 4 white socks yesterday. He is very tall, mom is a good mom. They are calling him Benedict, in honor of the new pope who comes from Germany. I think I will breed the mare to San Remo this year, and the best thing is that Udo (Iris' boyfriend) wants to buy him! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Udo in Germany!
2020 Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Bon Couer      
dam   Special Premium Whii Wild Dance
An uncomplicated birth and a lovely foal! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Ashley of MD!
Bharbie Doll  
2012 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Belissimo M      
dam   EM Lhibrarian Loerke/Renaissance
Bharbie Doll is under saddle and she is perfect for the amateur lady dressage rider or hunter rider. She is still green, but she comes out everyday ready to work and she volunteers things she has learned. She is sweet and easy to deal with in her stall and on the ground. She was performance tested as a green broke three year old- a very tough test! She has been entered into the main mare book of the GOV with good scores. She has now been to two schooling dressage shows with Lauren. Tues. at Bucks County Horse Park 5/17 72%, 66.7% and 64.5% in her first ever time in the show ring at White Fences April 9-10, 2016. What more can you ask for from a young horse? She is UNFLAPPABLE!!!  
SOLD! Congrats to Jane of GA!
2012 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Benidetto      
dam   Verband Premium Whaffle Welcome S/Arrian
Bhingo is a super mover, and is not going to be anywhere near as tall as her mother, Whaffle (16.3)- perfect for the lady rider. She's really a good mover, folks!  
SOLD! Congrats to Allison Kavey of NY!
2008 Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Brentano II      
dam   EM Amulet Archipel/Windhuk
Bhon-Bon was a GOV Premium foal, and has now been entered into the GOV Main Mare Book. She is 100% sound to be a riding horse and can be a valuable addition to your broodmare band. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Jennifer of Fulton, NY!
2017 Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Bordeaux      
dam   Special Premium Shcooter Shakespeare RSF/Royal Prince
Bhracelet is a petite CHESTNUT (there I go again...) but WOW! is she a super mover! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Dilly!
2016 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Callaho's Benicio      
dam   Special Premium/ Elite Lhorna Doone Londonderry/ Wolkentanz II
Birth report:
Woot! I LOVE this colt! His movement is very good and his beauty is amazing. He comes from royal bloodlines and I expect he will mature into a horse that everyone will envy. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Jennifer of MI!
2017 Oldenburg Filly  
sire   Buckingham      
dam   EM Lhuau Loerke/Bruderherz
A really lovely filly by the Celle performance test winner, Buckingham. She will be taller than her dam, and has very good conformation and movement. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Kristen of NH!
2017 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Bennetton Dream      
dam   Special Premium Rhosemary Rosentanz/Fuerst Heinrich
He has matured just as I had hoped- he is a very good mover with absolutely correct conformation and he is very sweet and placid in his disposition. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Juli of VA!
2016 Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Buckingham      
dam   EM Lhibrarian Loerke/Renaissance
Despite her weariness from foal watch, Pam reports that he is looking good. More later when she recovers!  
SOLD! Congrats to Pam of CA!
2007 Oldenburg Mare  
sire   Cabalito      
dam   Whest Indies Wokentanz II/Renaissance
At the GOV Mare Performance Test at our farm on July 13th, Chalupa was placed in the Main Mare Book with a score of 7. In the Mare Performance test, she received an 8 for her free jumping and a 7.5 for the walk, 7 from the test rider for an overall score of 7.18. This placed her 4th among the 6 mares taking the test. 
SOLD! Congratulations to FEI rider, trainer and S judge Sue Mandas of OH!
Chocolate RSF "Hershey"  
2008 Oldenburg Gelding  
sire   Cabalito      
dam   Rhococo Renaissance/Adlerblick
Hershey received a premium award at the GOV inspection on July 14, 2008. He is a super mover. He is uphill in his front end movement and conformation and has a beautiful face. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Beth LaFrenz of PA!

2001 Hanoverian Mare  
 Gheneva Gold Luck
2001 Chestnut Hanoverian Mare
SOLD! Congratulations to Pam DooLittle, Mazomanie WI!
Cupcake - a Welsh cross pony I had to have!  
2001 Mare  
A super mover and quiet as can be. This is not a tricky pony, she is as easy as they come. She can go in a dressage frame (our thing), but also can go in a hunter frame, jumps in a cute hunter form with a big stride and has lead changes. I didn't need a pony, but when I was shipping horses from WV, and she needed to find a home fast, I had to buy her. She trailers, clips and is a sweety- not an evil or crafty bone in her body. Tiffany rides her and she is ready for a child rider now. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Louise Serio, Derbydown Stables, Kennett Square, PA
2016 Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Dheputy      
dam   Lhoretta Loerke/Waltzertraum Moon
SOLD! Congrats to Bob and Theresa!

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