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In addition to the horses listed here, Rolling Stone Farm has an extensive network of contacts, both in the US and Germany, to assist you in your search for the perfect equine partner. Please contact us for additional information.

Our regular visitors will notice that the Sales List has undergone some recent improvements which will permit us to add updates easily and keep you informed on the very latest information on our horses. With the number of foals arriving this year, this was a a necessity! Click on the photo or the "Read More" link to go to each horse's individual page. Enjoy!


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Ahrtist "Artie"  
2005 Oldenburg Colt  
sire   Agincourt      
dam   Glimmer (Grundstein)
Glimmer had a dark brown colt last night that will definitely be grey. He already has white hairs around his eyes and on his muzzle. He is very beautiful, with really long correct legs. He has a wide blaze and three whites. We have named him Ahrtist. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Phoebe DeMott of Gilbertsville, PA!
2005 Hanoverian Colt  
sire   Belissimo M      
dam   SPS Rotissima (Rotspon-PS Little Lady/Lauries Crusader xx)
Iris Jonetat, my friend in Germany tells me that after a week long foal watch, Rotissima had a chestnut colt with 4 white socks yesterday. He is very tall, mom is a good mom. They are calling him Benedict, in honor of the new pope who comes from Germany. I think I will breed the mare to San Remo this year, and the best thing is that Udo (Iris' boyfriend) wants to buy him! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Udo in Germany!
2005 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   De Laurentis      
dam   EM Giadonna (Gold Luck/Donnerhall/Pik Bube/Duft II)
Giadonna had a colt at 11 pm. He is really a beauty, with long legs that will mature into taller than mom. He is bay, with a really cool blaze that narrows on the bridge of his nose and goes down to his front lip. He has three low socks. We have named him Dhirector. 
SOLD! Congratulations to J. Kristi Conroy Hoff and Malcolm Hoff of Hilton, NY!
EMC Ghypsy  
2005 Hanoverian Filly  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   EM Dew Berry (Davignport-Fashion Alley/Feurst Gotthard)
A happy mother's day at RSF! It started out at 4 am with a filly from Dew Berry. She is chestnut with a blaze and 3 white legs. She is really beautiful, and is healthy and strong and correct. We have named her Ghypsy. Pinch me; this is such an awesome foal crop so far! 
SOLD! Congratulations to Lyn Francik, Oklahoma on 2005 purchase #2!
Fhinancier "Cash"  
2005 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Fabriano      
dam   EM Gharbo (Gold Luck)
By Fabriano, who won his 100 day test and is known as a producer of both dressage and jumping horses. SPT: Adelheidsdorf 1990, Overall - 133.02(1/36) Dressage -128.55 (4/36), Jumping -132.27 (1/36). 
SOLD! Congratulations to Phoebe DeMott and Craig Aberbeck Gilbertsville, PA!
2005 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Fabuleux      
dam   EM Wolkenzauber (Wolkenstein II)
On 4/14 at 3 am, Wolkenzauber (Wilma) had a black colt with a white star. He is refined and is healthy and perky. Very free shoulder. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Sue Mohr of Lawrence, KS!
Ghalleon "Leon"  
2003 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Whichita (Waltzertraum/Adlerblick/Einglas/Jonkeer xx)
A fancy bay colt with a star and four socks by Gold Luck out of Whichita (Waltzertraum/ Adlerblick/ Einglas). Waltzertraum was Champion Young Horse at Dressage at Devon in 1995. He is successfully competing at Grand Prix dressage. Whichita is out of my wonderful foundation mare, Adelblume, and is one of her replacements in my broodmare band. Dr. Brockmann quite liked Whichita at the inspection when we brought her and her 2002 foal in the ring for the inspection. A good mover, "Leon" will be quite tall like his dam. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Robert Askew
2005 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Whest Indies (Wolkentanz)
After waiting a week with no turn out to preserve her occasionally dripping milk, after tripping the birth alarm countless times in the middle of the night by laying down to sleep, and after we were fairly convinced she was NEVER going to have it, Indy popped out a colt this morning without tripping off the alarm. She probably had it standing up. My guess is she had it around 2 am. Jim and I were outside breeding a mare with frozen semen from midnight to 1am, and when we went bed, she was calmly looking at us, eating hay. He seems healthy, despite his covert birth. He is tall, chestnut, star and snip and three white legs. We have named him Ghardener.  
SOLD! Congrats to Sharon Lewis of Willoughby, OH!
Gholfer "Arnold"  
2005 Hanoverian Colt  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   Alure (Armin-Eden/Eisenherz)
Alure had a really tall Gold Luck colt last night at 8:10 pm (wasn't that considerate of her?). He has a wide blaze and two high stockings behind. We have named him Gholfer, in honor of Jim, and are calling him Arnold, as in Palmer, in honor of Jim's idol. 
SOLD! Congratulations to Lyn Francik, Oklahoma on 2005 purchase #1!
Ghourmet "Julia"  
2005 Hanoverian Filly  
sire   Gold Luck      
dam   EM Whitney Q (Weltbekannt/Leibniz/Bolero/Wendekreis)
SOLD! Congratulations to Sandy Werkheiser, Northampton PA!
2002 Hanoverian Gelding  
sire   Wallstreet Kid      
dam   Gheneva (Gold Luck/Equuleus/Grundspecht)
Narrow blaze, LH sock. Correct, uphill conformation, super canter and carrying power. Well started under saddle. Unbelievable rideability for a young horse- perfect for an amateur rider. Likes to jump and has excellent form. 
SOLD! Congratulations to "R" judge and FEI rider Cindy Canace of NJ on her new mount!

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