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Rolling Stone Farm is an elite Hanoverian and Oldenburg (GOV) breeding farm located in beautiful Slatington, Pennsylvania. Our lovely and tranquil 40 acre facility is complete with indoor/outdoor rings, breeding areas, large box stalls and acres of rolling pastures in a very peaceful setting; perfect for breeding, raising and training truly wonderful warmblood horses.

Rolling Stone Farm is convenient to the Lehigh Valley International Airport, New York and Philadelphia. Visitors are welcome by appointment only.


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We hope that you enjoy your visit to this site. There are many pages for you to explore. Please contact us to obtain information and a video of Dheputy, Shakespeare RSF, Fhitzgerald, or Sir James inquire about breeding, or acquire additional information regarding any of the Sale Horses shown on this site.

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Year End Awards
Year End Awards are in and Jim and I will travel to the USDF Annual Meeting to accept these awards. We are not going to the USEF meeting this year to accept my Dressage Breeder of the Year award, though. 
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GOV Mare Performance Test Oct 31, 2018
It was a "lighter" year than in the prior years- we only had 5 three year old mares to prepare for the GOV Mare Performance Test. They did super- two more Special Premium Candidates and three more Verband Premium Mares. 
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Horse Show results 2018
2018 was a very successful year! We "only" showed 4 horses this year- 5 year old Dhanube, 4 year old Shurreal, 10 year old Hhot Tamale, all shown under Cara's capable riding and- wait for it- 19 year old Preso and ME (!) after 25 years of not showing! I got my USDF bronze and silver medals and Cara got her gold!!!
Another big event that happened was Cara and Shurreal being chosen as demo rider and horse for the Charlotte Dujardin clinic in MA- it was exciting and quite an honor to have a fourth generation product of my breeding program be ridden in front of 2000 people (and Charlotte!) 
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GOV Foal Inspection July 3, 2018
It was the smallest inspection that Rolling Stone Farm had in probably 30 years or so with only 7 foals, but it was a very successful day! 
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Foaling and breeding season 2018 is here!
Yeah! Foaling and breeding season is here! 
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2017 GOV Mare Performance Test Oct 21
It was another successful MPT on Oct 21, 2017 with us testing 9 of our own mares and hosting 2 outside guest mares 
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Foal Inspections 2017
2017 was a very successful year for foals! 
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2017 foaling season
The 2017 foaling and breeding season season has started- keep an eye on the website for updates as the foals are born and the mares are bred. You can also find updates on my Facebook page Mo Swanson and Rolling Stone Farm (I'm not as good updating the farm Facebook page). Request that we become Facebook friends, if we are not already. 
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Rolling Stone Farm I SHOW RESULTS
Rhock of Ages  
 sire  Romanov      dam  Shnickers 
Owned by:  
Rhocky is just under saddle a short while. He is a BIG boy with a lot of movement, so his balance and gaits under saddle are a work in progress. He has a super character. Stay tuned to see how he develops. He is still very green, especially at the canter, but his character and behavior are very good, so he can now be tried by customers. New video 2/27/19:  read more Read More...
Fhlower Drum Song  
 sire  Finest      dam  SPS Rotissima 
Owned by:  
 sire  Finest      dam  EM Wyneth L 
Owned by:  
Fhantastick just keeps getting better and better. He is doing super under saddle- every month brings more balance and strength. This is a good one, folks! Jan 9, 2019:
He can jump, too!
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Special Premium Candidate Shabrina  
 sire  Shakespeare RSF      dam  EM Wyneth L 
Owned by:  
This is an FEI horse in training, now showing and winning at third level. The changes are now confirmed and she has even offered tempis down to twos. All of the lateral movements are good. She is sensitive and requires a tactful ride, so she is not for an untrained rider, but we feel she will have the high collection of passage and piaffe and we feel she will perform brilliantly to the top levels with a skilled rider. In 2016, she ended up in 3rd place for the USDF Year End standings for Four Year Old and Older Maiden and Yeld Mares with 80.150%. She was Champion in that division for GOV USDF All Breeds Awards. Her breed show results included: Maplewood Warmbloods I- Mare Champion (85.45%0, Mature Horse Champion, Reserve Grand Champion. Maplewood Warmbloods II- Mare Champion (80.15%), Mature Horse Champion. Region 8 GAIG/USDF mare Championship- third. New video- normal working session Nov 6, 2018. We didn't show her in 2018, but that is not because she wasn't ready. With 17 horses to ride, we were a little busy! Half steps are coming along. New video Jan 10, 2019:

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Special Premium Candidate Shtiletto  
 sire  Shakespeare RSF      dam  EM Fhrance 
Owned by:  
Shtiletto is a SUPER horse and I'm a very proud breeder. Her full sister was ranked 3rd in the nation with a score of 8+ for the FEI 6 year olds in 2016 and recently sold doing all of the PSG work. Shtiletto has had a successful dressage record and a successful breed show record. Shtiletto has been multiple times breed show champion, and she was Champion Young Horse Prospect at Dressage at
Devon 2014, winning her Material class with an 80%. Shtiletto
has been shown in dressage with many wins and successes. In January 2016, she received a 69.242% at 2nd level test 1 at a schooling show. She was shown in 1st level tests 2 & 3 at the
wind blown, chilly VADA/NOVA Spring 2016 where she received
scores up to 70.469%. At Windy Hollow Hunt June 2016 in NJ,
she received 70.882 and 71. 324 in First 3, 70.469 at First 2 and
71.818 at Second 1. She is now learning flying changes and they are coming along fine. We decided not to show her in 2017 in order to concentrate on teaching her the flying changes. Then in 2018 she has a slight pasture injury requiring rest. She will be ready for 3rd level in 2019. New video Jan 10, 2019:  read more Read More...
 sire  Dheputy      dam  EM Fhrance 
Owned by:  
Dhetroit is back from the breaker and we are thrilled with this first Dheputy offspring to go under saddle here at Rolling Stone Farm. He is still too green to offer to clients yet, but keep an eye on the website for when he is available. I think he will be a super star!
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Special Premium Candidate Showboat  
 sire  Shakespeare RSF      dam  EM Dhewpoint 
Owned by:  
Showboat has been a star since returning from the breaker just a few months ago. With very little time under saddle, she did the GOV Mare Performance Test with super results, confirming the genetic combination of her Grand Prix trained sire and her successful dam, receiving the Special Premium title. Her scores included 8 free canter, 7.5 free jump, free trot, walk under saddle, and canter under saddle. Here is an updated video from Jan 10, 2019:
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Verband Premium Shadow RSF  
 sire  Shakespeare RSF      dam  EM Fhashion Model 
Owned by:  
Another one of our favorites! She has a very good balance and three very good gaits with a willing to please attitude under saddle and on the ground. At our GOV Mare Performance Test on October 21, 2017, Shadow received the Verband Premium title with her good scores in the MPT and on her inspection. I originally planned on keeping her, and don't really care if she sells or not, but she is so good to ride and perfect for my customers. She is of medium height so perfect for a lady rider. Perhaps you will be the lucky buyer to get her! New video from Jan 9, 2019:
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Zhan Gogh  
 sire  Zonik      dam  Special Premium Shawnee 
Owned by:  
We love this horse! He is so elastic, he can feel a bit "wormy", but there are moments that the feeling he gives is incredible. All that elasticity will some day translate into phenomenal lateral work. He is a really super prospect by the Grand Prix International winning Zonik, ridden by Edward Gal of Totilas fame. Zhan Gogh comes out ready to work with free and big gaits that will develop as his balance and strength improves. New video Jan 2019:
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 sire  Shakespeare RSF      dam  Special Premium Lhonestar 
Owned by:  
Shculptor is showing himself to be a very rideable medium sized horse with three good gaits. He is uncomplicated on the ground and he was easy to break with a good volunteer attitude. He has super leg mechanics, and a good sit down. I believe he is an FEI dressage prospect. New video Nov 3, 2018:

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