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Rolling Stone Farm is an elite Hanoverian and Oldenburg (GOV) breeding farm located in beautiful Slatington, Pennsylvania. Our lovely and tranquil 40 acre facility is complete with indoor/outdoor rings, breeding areas, large box stalls and acres of rolling pastures in a very peaceful setting; perfect for breeding, raising and training truly wonderful warmblood horses.

Rolling Stone Farm is convenient to the Lehigh Valley International Airport, New York and Philadelphia. Visitors are welcome by appointment only.


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We hope that you enjoy your visit to this site. There are many pages for you to explore. Please contact us to obtain information and a video of Dheputy, Shakespeare RSF, Fhitzgerald, or Sir James inquire about breeding, or acquire additional information regarding any of the Sale Horses shown on this site.

  In the News: Latest Updates:
Latest Headlines
2021 Show ring successes
2021 was another very successful year! 
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2020 USDF and USEF Year End Results
USDF and USEF Dressage Breeder of the Year 2020 plus one USDF Horse of the Year!  
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Horse Show successes in 2020
It was a very successful year despite Covid with Jocelyn Kraenzle doing an amazing job with all of the horses. We had just one dressage breed show since most (including Dressage at Devon) were cancelled, but we were very successful with very good scores. We were also able to get some of the young horses out to schooling shows for exposure.
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USDF and USEF Awards 2019
I won a few USDF and USEF awards this year 
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2019 GOV MPT and foal inspection, and Dressage at Devon results
We were very pleased with the results of the 2019 GOV MPT and foal inspection, and Dressage at Devon had super results 
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Year End Awards
Year End Awards are in and Jim and I will travel to the USDF Annual Meeting to accept these awards. We are not going to the USEF meeting this year to accept my Dressage Breeder of the Year award, though. 
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GOV Mare Performance Test Oct 31, 2018
It was a "lighter" year than in the prior years- we only had 5 three year old mares to prepare for the GOV Mare Performance Test. They did super- two more Special Premium Candidates and three more Verband Premium Mares. 
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Horse Show results 2018
2018 was a very successful year! We "only" showed 4 horses this year- 5 year old Dhanube, 4 year old Shurreal, 10 year old Hhot Tamale, all shown under Cara's capable riding and- wait for it- 19 year old Preso and ME (!) after 25 years of not showing! I got my USDF bronze and silver medals and Cara got her gold!!!
Another big event that happened was Cara and Shurreal being chosen as demo rider and horse for the Charlotte Dujardin clinic in MA- it was exciting and quite an honor to have a fourth generation product of my breeding program be ridden in front of 2000 people (and Charlotte!) 
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Rolling Stone Farm I SHOW RESULTS
 sire  Dheputy      dam  Special Premium Shusquehanna 
Owned by:  

Ohmaha "Chip"  
 sire  Gaudi      dam  Donna Tucci 
Owned by:   Maurine Swanson
 sire  Fidertanz      dam  Dynastie 
Owned by:   Maurine Swanson
Special Premium Candidate Fhestiva  
 sire  Franklin      dam  Special Premium Shcooter 
Owned by:  
Fhestiva was named the top mare at her GOV Mare Inspection and Mare Performance Test at Highpoint Hanoverians on July 28, 2022. I don't have the score sheets yet. When I get them, I will post the numbers. Fhestiva is a star in the dressage ring and in the breed shows! So far in 2022:
Her scores at Recognized dressage shows
in 2022 so far:
Training level test 1-
75.115%, 72.885%
Training level test 2-
75.172%, 73.966%,
Training level test 3-
71.552%, 67.069%, 75.172%
She was two times Grand Champion of Dressage Breed Shows in
2022 so far-
81.0%, 82.6%
Two times Champion 4 Year Old Prospect
81.950%, 82.175%
New video from a training level test at Rhythm and Blues on June 19:
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ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Breed Show results  
 sire        dam   
Owned by:  
We brought Bhracelet and Dhiamond to the two ESDCTA Memorial Weekend Dressage breed shows May 29 & 30. It rained heavily both days and the temperature was only 50 (brrrr...), but RSF horses were successful with very good scores. Thanks for the good riding from Jocelyn and the good handling from Nick!  read more Read More...
 sire  Shakespeare RSF      dam  EM Rheporter 
Owned by:  
Shavane was licensed by the German Oldenburg Verband in 2014 with very high scores (8 breed and sex type, impulsion and elasticity in the trot, general impression and development, canter and saddle position). He then went to the 2015 70 day stallion test in Oklahoma. He would have placed third overall (117.64), 2nd in dressage (127.05) and 5th in jumping (104.19), had he not been severely injured (read- hairline fracture of the LF cannon bone) just a few days before the stadium jumping final days. His scores up to that time included 9.5 temperament, trainability, and rideability, 9.0 character, trot, and gallop cross country, 8.5 canter, walk, and free jumping. He has since recovered completely and has gone on to a very successful show career. He was named the 2016 Region 8 GAIG/USDF Stallion Champion and was also the Reserve Champion Mature Horse at Saugerties. He was placed third in the Region 8 Training level Championships with a 69.659%- this was his second horse show under saddle ever! He then went to Dressage at Devon the following week where he was the Reserve Champion Stallion and where he won the Stallion Materiale. He was 2016 USDF Horse of the Year Third Place for Stallions 2nd in the GOV All Breeds Award.

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 sire  Dheputy      dam  Special Premium Rhaisonette 
Owned by:  
Dhoublet went to his first recognized dressage show at Bucks County Horse Park on May 8. He got 83.6% in the USEF 4 year old test and won training level test 2 with a 73.448%- high score training level and high score of the show! read more Read More...
Hanoverian Premium Candidate Dhark Ruby  
 sire  Diamond Hit      dam   
Owned by:   Maurine Swanson
Dhark Ruby is now a Hanoverian Premium Mare. She did the Hanoverian MPT in Germany on November 25, 2020 as a three year old. Her scores were 7-8-7 (trot-canter-walk) for the gaits and 7.5 and 8 for rideabilty, and 6, 6.5, and 7 for jumping! She also got the Hanoverian Premium Mare designation. Thank you to Joerg Clasen for the great care and to his rider Karoline for the super presentation under saddle. Dhark Ruby has a half sister by Millennium that competed at the 2019 Westphalian Elite Mare Show in Germany. Dhark Ruby's dam, Avantgarde is full sister to the dam of Bretton Woods and her granddam Alina (by Romancier) is dam of Annabel who is granddam of Le Formidable! Anabel is also dam of the popular imported Dutch stallion Gaudi (by Totilas) and she is the dam of Chagall (by Jazz). This is a super mare family.  read more Read More...
Dhiamont Pendant  
 sire  Diamond Hit      dam    
Owned by:   Maurine Swanson
Dhiamond Pendant was named Dhiamont Pendant at her Mare inspection (German English crossed wires :-)) but the results were still good! She got 7 for trot 8 for canter, 7 for walk and 8,5 for riding and 9,5 from the test rider! For jumping she got 7.5 and 7 and 7.5 for jumping intelligence. She had a higher rideability score from the test rider than a MPT mare which is headed to the Young Horse Championships next week. She is registered Westphalian so ineligible for the Hanoverian award.
Thank you to Joerg Clasen for the great care and to his rider Karoline for the super presentation under saddle! I found out that Dhiamont Pendant has two licensed half brothers- Avicii by Apache who was Premium stallion at the 2014 Westphalian licensing and sold for $150K and a colt by Millennium who was licensed Deutschen Sportpferde in 2019. This is exciting news that validates my confidence in this mare's breeding value!  read more Read More...
more show updates- Sept 2020  
 sire        dam   
Owned by:  
Shiraz RSF and Ehlliot went to a schooling dressage show last Saturday, September 12, 2020. No lunging for Shiraz, just a few spins around for Ehlliot. Both loaded, unloaded and stood on the trailer quietly while the other horse was ridden. Neither horse had been in a ring with other horses, so the warmup ring was a real eye opener. Shiraz RSF: Training level test 1 64.808% with a few baby bobbles and a tough judge-2nd place. Training level test 2 70.862% (8 on gaits), 2nd place to a second level 7 year old that dropped down to show. Ehlliot: Training level test 1- 66.346%, first place. Training level test 2- 68.448%, third place behind Shiraz and the second level horse. Good boys and once again, super riding by Jocelyn! read more Read More...

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